Art excerpt 72


Nancy J. Allen, Camouflage


Ronald Alexander, Rusty


Jamie Cat Callan, Welcome to the Winter Club


Ashen Farhadi, Lest Ye Be Judged


Kim Frank, Our Red Thread


Jason Graff, In Lieu of Flowers 


Irving A. Greenfield, Playing the Spoons


Eutemia Cristina Hernandez, La Oona


Tom Miller Juvik, Last Man on Earth


Alexander Luft, All Past and Future Works


Jason Manganaro, The Hair


Sean Padraic McCarthy, Far from Aiaia 


Kevin McIlvoy, from the novel, The Dark Album


Mark Jay Mirsky, East Side Golems


Jim Ruland, Cat Party 


Kimberly Jean Smith, Diptych: A Study of Flora and Fauna in Two Short Tales


Kelly Lynn Thomas, Warren Zevon Attempts Happiness


Steve Wingate, Dirty Blonde